Tag: Gruff


  • Nemo Gruff

    Moved to ------- seventeen years ago. Purchased old run down tavern, turned it into the best known tavern in the city; known as [[Gruff Tavern | Gruff Tavern]]. It is a mostly family owned and operated tavern. Nemo's daughter [[:suzanna-gruff | Suzanna …

  • Suzanna Gruff

    Suzanna is the daughter of Nemo, and Susan Gruff. She is the tavern maid of [[Gruff Tavern | Gruff Tavern]]. Only seventeen, though quite mature for her age. A quiet sad but content attitude to herself.

  • Susan Gruff

    Wife of [[:nemo-gruff | Nemo Gruff]], mother of [[:suzanna-gruff | Suzanna Gruff]]. Used to be a active member of the community, a wonderful gardener, and very well known for her delicious baked goods. Used to be [[Gruff Tavern | Gruff Tavern]] secondary …